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Danilo Zivkovic - Dale

Painter, engineer, craftsman, footballer… Artist. Danilo Zivkovic – Dale.

As a teenager, Danilo created his favourite characters, the adventurous magician, Magic Man, and his inseparable helper, the Bunny.

Inspired by Danilo's childhood, the love of trains, and his many travels, this magical duo became the impossible, improbable, irresistible imagination force that is Dale Magic Man.

From Zajecar to Toronto via Belgrade

Born in Zajecar, former Yugoslavia, Danilo grew up in the wake of the WWII. As a teenager, he moved to Belgrade, the capitol of former Yugoslavia. Following in his father's footsteps, Danilo started out as a train dispatcher. He ultimately became a civil engineer and worked for Yugoslav Railroads for more than two decades. Retired, Danilo moved to Toronto and immersed himself in his paintings.


As a young boy, Danilo spent endless summer days on the river Timok, occasionally snatching fruit from nearby orchards, but always accompanied by his inseparable friends, Vlada, Rode, and Roba. Every evening, the gang would sneak into a local movie theatre to watch Tarzan and get inspired for the next adventure.

As a teenager living in Belgrade, Danilo delighted in the satire of the magazine Jez/Hedgehod. And with his friend, Djordje Korac, dreamed up exciting adventures for Magic Man. Some fifty years later, these ideas are reborn on canvas.

As his favorite pastime gradually grew, Danilo began to offer a selection of paintings and reproductions for sale.