A few years ago, I found myself within a PMO of a large corporation struggling to defend my Calendar from the onslaught of daily meetings, many of which lacked a proper agenda, often inviting too broad of an audience and produced little in the way of decisions of the kind that could move an issue closer to its resolution.  The status quo was difficult to break – if you plainly ignored them, meetings would get rescheduled, if you tried to rush them along, they only got more heated and lasted even longer.

It was during this time that I created a mobile application, Price2Meet, to draw attention to this problem.  The concept was simple – Price2Meet was a kind of a meter, not unlike the one used by Taxis, clearly displaying the real cost of each meeting.  After all, meetings could and did starve time away from other activities.  I felt, perhaps naively, that Price2Meet app would spur the kind of meeting diet that would result in leaner projects, higher productivity, less noisy and more conscious communication.  Sadly, I overestimated the popularity and the ability of Price2Meet to become such a change agent.

Nonetheless, Price2Meet is still available for download on the Apple App Store.   Get your free download now and start cutting back on the cost of your meetings.

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